Band Members



Tom Spielbauer 

  • Tom is an original member of the Cedar County Cobras. He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays any instrument he comes across. His music is rooted in the blues & rock & roll from years of playing in the rock band "Porch Builder".  In the Cobras, he is a songwriter and plays guitar, drums, upright bass, mandolin and even the fiddle.



April Dirks

  • Originally a bluegrass mandolin player, April is a founding member of the Cedar County Cobras. She picked up the upright bass to play along with Tom's blues tunes and is behind the driving rhythm heard on the Cobra tunes. April is a multi instrumentalist (mandolin, upright bass, guitar), singer and band manager.



Dustin Duwa

  • The newest member of the Cobras, Dustin is a perfect fit tor the band. He is a drummer, guitarist, and a recording engineer. Dustin recorded the original Cobra album "Delta Ave Juke Joint" and is a longtime friend to Tom & George so he is familiar with the unique sound of the Cobra tunes. An excellent musician, Dustin is a great addition to the project and can be seen when the band performs as a trio.



George Spielbauer

  • Original founding member of the Cedar County Cobras, George has played together with his brother Tom for well over 20 years in the band Porch Builder. George is an excellent guitar player, drummer, and bassist. His rhythm is the driving force behind the original Cobra tunes. His work can be heard on the band's first album "Delta Ave Juke Joint". He was a full-time member until 2018 and is always welcome on the stage.